Favorite Books of 2021

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Here is the list of my favorite books of 2021 by genres. I no longer pick just 1 or 10 books because I read so much that I can never narrow it down so little. These are my favorite books from each of these genres and I hope you will find something you will be interested in reading. Also if you want to see all the other books on my favorites list for this year, check out this Goodreads shelf.

Paranormal Romance

Contemporary Romance

Historical Romance


Urban Fantasy




Have you read any of these books? Did you enjoy them?

10 thoughts on “Favorite Books of 2021

  1. I almost got a Painter book because of your review (almost because I saw another author – next time!). I love Singh! Elvira is on my list. I just started reading Faith Hunter. I have the first seven books of a Briggs series that I am waiting to read. My #TBR list is long.

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      1. I actually got the Briggs books due the Native American character (same thing with Faith Hunter). I’m trying to think of the Painter book I saw, it was on sale, but like I said there was a book right next to it from another author I like. Next time. Which one should I start with?

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