Review: A Sense of Danger by Jennifer Estep

Cover for A Sense of Danger by Jennifer Estep

Title: A Sense of Danger
Author: Jennifer Estep
Narrator: Helen Laser and Grant Cartwright
Series: Section 47 #1
Length: 11 hrs and 4 mins

4 stars out of five
4 stars – It was really good

Well this audiobook was a surprise! I was hooked from the very beginning of this story. Charlotte was a great heroine. She was sassy, smart, and lethal when she needed to be. I loved the way her mind worked and how she was determined to uncover the truth. Desmond was an aloof hero at first but he quickly lets his guard down around Charlotte. Watching him fall for Charlotte was wonderful. 

These two had instant attraction but they spent almost the whole story pining for each other. I really loved the tension between these two as they fought their attraction because it just made their eventual relationship so much better. 

One of the most interesting things about this story, outside of the couple, was the organization and world itself. This is a very interesting world with different types of psychic and elemental abilities that are being used to keep the world safe. Charlotte’s ability to detect lies, while may seem boring on paper, was actually very fascinating in this because of the different ways she could detect them. Desmond also had a very fascinating ability with electricity and the few abilities shown were so unique and fascinating. I really can’t wait to see more from this series because I know it will be filled with more unique abilities and characters. 

As for the mystery part of this, I didn’t really figure out the bad guy until the end. The chase to locate the enemies and the leak was just all well written and very thrilling. Like I said, I am really looking forward to more books in this series because this is a great romantic suspense with great characters and a fascinating world. 

Content Warnings: Charlotte’s grandmother recently died of cancer; death of friend during mission; survivors guilt 

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