Review: Last Guard by Nalini Singh

Cover for Last Guard by Nalini Singh

Title: Last Guard

Author: Nalini SIngh

Series: Psy-Changeling Trinity #5

Pages: 377

5 out of 5 stars
5 stars – I loved it!

Payal Roa is seen as the perfect Psy. She is a cardinal telekinetic, CEO of a major conglomerate, beautiful and emotionless. She is also an Anchor for the PsyNet which is dying. When Canto Mercant asks her to head the anchors on the council, she finds herself returning to her traumatic past. 

This was a tense, slow burn romance that I absolutely adored. Payal and Canto have a very strong bond from the very beginning. Their relationship was a slow one because Payal still hides herself behind Silence and she has to slowly rework her brain. I enjoyed every minute of it because you could feel these two connections building with each passing day. They were united by a childhood incident but their time building this foundation will last them forever. 

A lot happened in this book but I really enjoyed it. The PsyNet continues to have issues in this book but they have come one stop closer to possibly repairing it. I am really enjoying the progression of this spin-off series. It really builds more on the Psy world and how important, and deadly, their psychic infrastructure can be. I loved that we are getting to know more about the Merchant family, especially Ena because she is a fascinating matriarch. 

Overall, this was a wonderful addition to this series. I adored Canto and Payal and really hope we get more scenes with them in future books. Also, I really loved the small scenes with the bears and really need another bear story. 

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