Review: Fighting the Fire by Laura Kaye

Cover for Fighting the Fire by Laura Kaye

Title: Fighting the Fire

Author: Laura Kaye

Series: Warrior Fight Club #3

Pages: 250

4 stars out of five
4 stars – It was really good

Firefighter Sean Riddick keeps the demons at bay by working constantly and going to Warrior Fight Club, even if it means dealing with Daniela England. She drives him nuts but he can’t forget how good they are together. When he gets injured, Daniela steps in to help him and they find they have more in common than they thought.

I have been eagerly waiting for this book since 2018, and it did not disappoint. Laura Kaye always does an amazing job at writing emotionally powerful stories with wonderful characters. Daniela and Sean have been frenemies since they met but after one night with too much alcohol leads to a one night stand, everything changes. As you can imagine, both of them are determined to keep their walls up but that doesn’t work after Sean’s accident. 

Both of them have experienced loss and deprivation throughout their lives and have learned to cope in different ways. Daniela is determined to live but refuses to open her heart to love again. The more time she spends with Sean though, the more she realizes that she hasn’t really been living since her husband’s death. Her grief was so powerful and heartbreaking that I just wanted to reach through the book to hug her. Sean uses self-deprecating humor constantly because his life has taught him that he isn’t worthy. It was heartbreaking to see him constantly put himself down, especially after you learn why he believes he isn’t worthy. Daniela and Sean both have a lot of barriers but together they learned to lean on each other and healed from their pasts. 

As you can tell, I really enjoyed everything about this book. Another great thing about this series is just the comradery between all the members of the WFC. They are family and you could really see it in this one when they all rushed to take care of Sean and be there for him during his recovery. I just love that we get to see how the previous couples, and other members, lives have changed or will be changing in the future. I can’t wait for the next book, which I hope is Mo’s because I really want him to fall in love. 

Trigger Warnings:

  • Daniela’s husband died six years ago and she is still grieving. 
  • Motorcycle accident, on page
  • Parental death mentioned
  • Parental verbal abuse mentioned 

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