Review: A Gift for Nicholas by Honey Phillips

Cover for A Gift for Nicholas by Honey Phillips

Title: A Gift for Nicholas

Author: Honey Phillips

Series: Horned Holidays #2

Pages: 125

3 stars out of 5
3 stars – I liked it

When Ambassador Nicholsarian’s rival doesn’t return after he arranges a distraction, he decides to investigate, only to have his own ship crash on the primitive planet K.R.S. Three. He quickly finds himself distracted by a small child who isn’t afraid of his horns and keeps leaving him gifts of sweets. 

This was another cute holiday romance. These alien men are adorable when they fall for someone. Nicholas has clawed his way up in rank by being ruthless and surviving. With Jenna he finally knows what kindness, love and acceptance is. She shows him that he doesn’t have to just survive anymore. I loved Nicholas’s reactions to Jenna’s daughter and to the sweets she kept offering him.

Jenna was a strong woman who had raised her daughter alone. I loved how kind she was and how accepting she was towards Nicholas. She doesn’t judge him for his ruthless past to survive. She just shows him that there are other ways of living now. I loved how she would make him lose control so easily. 

Overall, this was another great holiday romance. I do hope she writes more of this series because I think this race needs more love and holiday cheer.

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