Review: Winter Igniting by Rebecca Zanetti

Cover for Winter Igniting by Rebecca Zanetti

Title: Winter Igniting

Author: Rebecca Zanetti 

Series: Scorpius Syndrome #5

Pages: 372

3 stars out of 5
3 stars – I liked it

The Mercenaries and Vanguard soldiers are now integrated into one stronghold, but they still have major security issues. Damon Winter and April Snyder have both agreed to infiltrate the Pure group as a couple and confirm that the women and children held within are there of their own free will, but they quickly realize there is nothing fake about their relationship. 

Damon and April’s relationship was very intense. Damon is a very dominant and controlling man who is determined to keep April safe. While I don’t mind dominant characters, Damon’s actions sometimes bothered me. At times it felt like he was just ignoring April’s capabilities and would overreact to April’s interactions with Pure. I do think Damon is a good leader, especially during everything that happened during this book, I just didn’t love some of his personal actions. 

April is a very strong woman. She is still dealing with her grief over the recent death of her daughter and I feel like that was never really dealt with. Yes, I know she needs to move on and deal with the current situation, but I really expected her and Damon to at least discuss her grief. Damon and April’s relationship just didn’t really click for me and while there was lust between them, I didn’t really feel love a lot of the time. 

A lot happened in the overarching story during this book. Vanguard and the Mercenaries are now integrated and working together against Twenty and the President. The President outsmarts them again and causes some major damage, especially towards gathering research and information. There is another attack on the Vanguard and the truth about Pure finally is revealed. Overall, I think this was a good continuation of the story, but I didn’t love the couple.  

Trigger Warnings: Heroine recently lost her daughter to Scorpius Syndrome. Grief; injuries; blood; death; 

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