Review: Storm Gathering by Rebecca Zanetti

Cover for Storm Gathering by Rebecca Zanetti

Title: Storm Gathering 

Author: Rebecca Zanetti

Series: Scorpius Syndrome #4

Pages: 306

4 stars out of five
4 stars – It was really good

We finally get Maureen and Greyson’s story! Maureen Shadow, aka Moe, doesn’t expect to find herself falling for her kidnapper, but she can’t seem to keep herself away from Greyson. These two are also dealing with food insecurities, tensions between the Mercs and Vanguard, the crazy President, and a few other surprises. 

I have been waiting for Greyson and Moe’s story since the first scene showing Moe standing up to Greyson. I loved the tension between these two. From the beginning they wanted each other, but Greyson actually understands that he can’t make a move because of the power imbalance from kidnapping her. I always appreciate when a man can understand the power imbalance that can be happening and not exploit it. 

“Whatever happens, you have to know, you’re it for me, Maureen Shadow. It’s only been you, and it’ll only ever be you. I promise.”

Greyson is an alpha male who instantly wants Maureen. Like I said though, he doesn’t make a move until she willingly comes to Mercenary territory. Greyson was very overprotective of Moe, but he also respected her abilities. A lot of the time, his extreme protectiveness would kick in because she wasn’t actually taking care of herself. Greyson was just a great hero and a great leader. I enjoyed watching him learn to lean on others and accept help, especially since he is a loner at heart. 

Maureen was a great heroine. She was smart, sassy, and is actually thinking about long term survival, which the men don’t seem to want to listen about. Moe was also very devious when she needed to be. I liked that she was always standing up to the men when they were trying to be overprotective, and if they wouldn’t listen she would find ways to get them to. Moe was a great partner for Greyson because she helped soften his edges, but also didn’t let him control her life. She was a character I instantly liked and I loved reading her POV. 

A lot happens in this book outside of the romance. The President is back and causing more trouble, but the Mercs and Vanguard men also get him back. There are also some new revelations from the Bunker and some small updates on the search for a cure. There were also some other big changes for the Mercs and it will be interesting to see what happens in the next book. 

Trigger warnings: threat of miscarriage; death; vomiting

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