Review: Envy by J. R. Ward

Title: Envy

Author: J. R. Ward

Series: Fallen Angels #3

Pages: 466

3 stars out of 5
3 stars – I liked it

Jim and the gang have been tasked with saving the soul of homicide detective Thomas “Veck” DelVecchio, Jr., who grew up under the shadow of his serial killer father. Heaven is currently tied with Hell and the stakes to win this round are intense. 

This book was much like the previous ones with the focus jumping between Jims POV and the main couple, Veck and Sophia. Veck was a very interesting hero. He has struggled under the spotlight of his fathers evil but is determined to do the right thing, even when it gets him in trouble. I liked Veck a lot. 

The heroine, Sophia Reilly, was ok for me. I liked that she was dedicated to her job and never hesitated to pull rank with Veck. What I didn’t like was how easily she was swayed into believing Veck was like his father. She is telling Veck that he could never be like that man one minute and the next she is doing a 180. 

The fight between Heaven and Hell was much the same as the previous books. Veck was given a tough choice and it would choose the winner. While I know this is how this battle is supposed to play out in this series, I am finding it a bit repetitive at this point. Also we do see Jim getting more devious with Devina in this one and also a very heavy loss. 

Overall, I am liking this series but it is a bit repetitive. I will continue the series to find out how Devina ends up playing into the BDB but I feel that this will just be an ok series for me. 

Trigger Warnings: violence, murder, kidnapping. Death of a main-ish character.

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