Review: Crave by J. R. Ward

Cover for Crave by J. R. Ward

Title: Crave

Author: J. R. Ward

Series: Fallen Angels #2

Pages: 481

3 stars out of 5
3 stars – I liked it

Jim Heron has been given his second soul to save, an old XOps buddy who he is determined to save. But things quickly get complicated with new people to protect and Devina’s deals. 

This book was definitely better paced than the first book. It picks up right after the end of the first book and jumps right into Jim heading to find Isaac. I enjoyed Isaac’s story. He was an interesting character who is determined to redeem himself. He just wants away from all the killing, even if he doesn’t know what he will do with the freedom. 

Issac and Grier’s relationship was an instant love, opposites attract romance. I loved his determination to do the right thing and protect Grier. His enemy Matthias was an interesting one. 

He really was mentally unstable and broken. I kind of wish we had more portions with his POV because he really was a tortured and captivating character. 

The battle between Heaven and Hell is starting to heat up. We see Devina really show her evil side in this. We also learn a bit more about Aiden and his struggles with what Devina did to him in the previous book. 

Overall, this was a continuation of the story. I am interested in seeing how this fight between Heaven and Hell continues. 

Trigger Warnings: Rape, torture, attempted suicide, murder, violence, addiction, PTSD, blackmail, toxic masculinity, cheating (Side character piles drinks on a woman and convinces her to cheat on her husband, who is also cheating).

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