Review: Instacrush by Kate Meader

Instacrush by Kate Meader

Title:  Instacrush

Author: Kate Meader

Series: Rookie Rebels #2

Pages: 319

5 out of 5 stars
5 stars – I loved it!

Theo Kershaw is back on the ice and better than ever after a life-threatening injury. He may be killing it in the rink but not so much in his personal life. Ex-military Elle Butler has the biggest crush on Theo but she does everything she can think of to keep him away. One Christmas eve night everything changes for both of them. 

This book was so good! I couldn’t put it down. I loved Theo as soon as he was introduced in the first book and I was so glad he finally got his chance with Elle. Theo is a bright light but he still has insecurities and fears that he has to deal with. Watching him face his fears and help Elle confront hers was perfect and emotional. I couldn’t get enough of these two. 

“I love you because you are Elle Butler, the woman who laughed at my dino-briefs and still wanted to have sex with me. The girl who makes me mad and horny and hungry, often in the same sixty seconds.”

Elle has a lot of baggage she has to work through during her relationship with Theo. She has terrible parents, trust issues, and a lot of insecurities and fears. Theo is the perfect partner for her because he is caring and supportive with these issues but will still push her to work through them. I really loved the character development of Elle throughout this book. She is such a strong and independent woman but she learns to lean on others and finds a true family. 

Overall, this was a instalove book that I couldn’t put down. I cannot wait to read the next Rookie Rebel story and see another team member fall in love.

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