Review: Barbarian’s Treasure by Ruby Dixon

Title: Barbarian’s Treasure Author: Ruby Dixon Series: Ice Planet Barbarians #19 Genre: SciFi Pages: 190 Megan and Cashol resonated quickly and everyone thought they hit it off right away, but that wasn’t the case. Megan and Cashol’s relationship was filled with anxiety, abandonment issues, and misunderstandings. So while I like Megan in the present, past … More Review: Barbarian’s Treasure by Ruby Dixon

#FaeFriday | 5/1/2020

#FaeFriday is a Friday book tag created by CaffeinatedFae, who is also the creator of the tag image.  This week on #FaeFriday, we are discussing pests. So this week’s prompt is:  What is something that annoys you when you’re reading? I am going to assume this is referring to something in a book that annoys … More #FaeFriday | 5/1/2020