Review: Adam by Jacquelyn Frank

Adam by Jacquelyn Frank

Title:  Adam

Author: Jacquely Frank

Series: Nightwalkers #6

Pages: 329

3 stars out of 5
3 stars – I liked it

First off this book takes place three years after the previous books, Noah

Adam, Jacob’s oldest brother, went missing 400 years ago. Everyone presumed he was summoned but when he turns up right when he is needed most everyone is shocked. Everything has changed since Adam was last seen, especially for the vampire Jasmine. She met him briefly right before he disappeared 400 years ago and since then has been living in an emotionless void. Now these two are fighting their attraction while hunting down the enemy.

While the previous book seemed to drag on this one seemed really quick. Adam and Jasmine quickly imprint and while there was a lot of hold out from Jasmine about it, they both also quickly accepted it. This book takes place over like two days so you can imagine it was a very quick turn around, which sometimes is ok but I didn’t love it this time. But the focus for this book was mostly on the fight with Ruth, which is the only reason I am giving this book a 3 star rating. 

I was not a fan of Jasmine in the previous books so as you can imagine I struggled with her in this book. She tries to justify all her bitchiness and pettiness from before because she has been living in an emotionless void since Adam disappeared but it wasn’t enough for me.  I did like watching her kickass but that was about it. 

Like I said earlier, the focus of this book was more on the fight with Ruth, not the romance. First, I really think Ruth was a great bad guy and I really liked her. I really enjoyed the final confrontation with her and seeing all the different races come together to fight her. This was definitely my favorite part of the book. 

While I do have my issues with Frank’s romance I will keep continuing to read the spin-off series because I really love the world she has created. Also I really want to know more about the other races who didn’t get much page time in this series.

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