Spring 2023 TBR

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Hello! Can you believe its already spring?

Last year I would do a seasonal TBR through Top Ten Tuesday. I decided to change things up this year and do my own post with my seasonal TBR because I don’t do any of the other prompts for TTT and I wanted to have a bit more freedom to assign more or less than 10 books a season.

So lets jump into the random books I picked from my backlog to read this spring.

  1. Escape Velocity by Jess Anastasi
  2. The Little Mermaid & Other Fairy Tales by Hans Christian Andersen
  3. The Bear and the Nightingale by Katherine Arden
  4. Daughter of the Blood by Anne Bishop
  5. Roman by Grae Bryon
  6. Light My Way Home by Morgan Brice
  7. Dead Serious Case #1: Miz Dusty Le Frey by Vawn Cassidy
  8. Convergence by Etta Pierce
  9. Space Battle Lunchtime Vol. 1 by Natalie Riess
  10. Renegade Rule by Ben Kahn
  11. The Escape Artist: The Man Who Broke Out of Auschwitz to Warn the World by Jonathan Freedland
  12. Fuzz: When Nature Breaks the Land by Mary Roach

So these are the books that I have randomly chosen from my backlog and hope to read this spring. Have you read any of these? and if so, did you like them?

3 thoughts on “Spring 2023 TBR

  1. I haven’t read any of the books but Escape Velocity and Daughter of the Blood sound interesting and I’ve been meanign to get to that Mary Roach book I’ve had on my Kindle for ages!

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