Review: Out of Nowhere by Felicia Davin

Title: Out of Nowhere

Author: Felicia Davin

Series: Nowhere #2

Pages: 285

3 stars out of 5
3 stars – I liked it

This book picks up right after the previous one ends. Aiden Blackwood has survived being experimented on by Quint Services but is now determined to bring down Oswin Quint for his actions. Aiden is the leader of the Runners Union and I enjoyed getting to learn more about him, the union, and why he does what he does. Aiden was an interesting character. I enjoyed seeing him open up some and learn to let himself be loved. 

Caleb was a sweet man who risked his life to rescue Aiden. Caleb and Aiden have been friends since they were children and Caleb continues to look out for Aiden as an adult. He is the one person Aiden knows he can trust. Aiden has had a crush on Caleb for years, but it wasn’t until after Caleb rescued Aiden that he realized he felt more than friendship. I enjoyed seeing Caleb explore his sexuality and accept the fact he is bisexual. Also, I really enjoyed that this started as a fake relationship because it’s one of my favorite tropes and I wasn’t expecting it. It was great seeing these two fight their feelings while trying to play a fake couple. 

The plot to bring Quint down wasn’t what I expected. They end up getting help from other realms and it was a very interesting concept. I was a bit disappointed that most of this story focused on Earth and taking down Quint. I was expecting more about the Nowhere and the rift that was created. Overall, I enjoyed this one and look forward to seeing what happens next in Nowhere. 

Trigger Warnings: references to imprisonment and torture

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