Review: Nowhere Else by Felicia Davin

Cover for Nowhere Else by Felicia Davin

Title: Nowhere Else

Author: Felicia Davin

Series: Nowhere #3

Pages: 324

3 stars out of 5
3 stars – I liked it

This book finishes the story of Facility 17 and focuses on physicist Dr. Solomon Lange. Lange was extremely traumatized by his experience in the Nowhere and the beginning of this book really focuses on that and why he is a loner.  Lange’s reaction to being back in his body was very interesting because he struggles to accept it and the truth about how the Nowhere was at first. I can also understand why Lange is such a loner now. 

Lange and Jake’s relationship was a bit slow compared to the others. Lange is struggling with being in his body again and with his loss of memory. He is abrasive and rude and also dangerous because of his powers. Jake was a very sweet man who just slowly helped Lange become human again and break out of his shell. I really liked Jake a lot. I loved how he was constantly taking care of Lange. While I did like them as a couple in the end, I did struggle at times with the pacing of their relationship and in the beginning, liking Lange. 

The rift portion of this story was very interesting. How Lange and the others figured out how to map and close the rift was very fascinating and kept me glued to the story, more so than the romance if I am being honest. Overall, I think this was a good ending for Facility 17 but I did find parts of this slow and boring. 

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