Review: Edge of Nowhere by Felicia Davin

Title: Edge of Nowhere

Author: Felicia Davin

Series: Nowhere #1

Pages: 230

4 stars out of five
4 stars – It was really good

This was a fascinating and very unique world! Felicia Davin has done a wonderful job creating an interesting world and pairing it with wonderful characters. This is a future Earth with a group of people called Runners who can use the Nowhere to travel all over the world and into space almost instantly. This book does a great job at setting up this world, explaining the Nowhere, and the experiments going on in Facility 17 involving the Nowhere. 

Emil and Kit were wonderful characters. Kit is a Runner who is tasked with bringing Emil to Facility 17 but during the jump they are knocked off course and thrown into another realm. This starts the events that lead to the truth about what Facility 17 is actually doing with their experiments. Kit was a wonderful character who had very strong barriers around his heart. I loved seeing Kit learn to trust Emil and open up to his adoptive parents. 

Emil is a botanist for Facility 17 and quickly realizes after the failed jump that more is going on at the facility than what his team is being told. Emil is an extremely protective man who is always trying to take care of his team, and Kit. From the very beginning, Emil is constantly trying to take care of Kit and look after him, which is so sweet and wonderful. I loved seeing this protective man fall for Kit. 

The best part of this book was how much queer representation was present. This is a future world where we know for sure queer people are accepted without any prejudices at all. That’s not to say this world doesn’t have its own prejudices though, because there is prejudice against Runners. Overall, this was a very complex and fascinating world. I loved these two characters and look forward to seeing what happens next in the Nowhere. 

Trigger Warnings: accidental high from plant; emotional manipulation by foster parents; kidnapping; starvation; experimentation on humans (with and without consent); prejudice; 

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