Review: What A Dragon Should Know by G. A. Aiken

Cover for What A Dragon Should Know by G. A. Aiken

Title: What A Dragon Should Know

Author: G. A. Aiken

Series: Dragon Kin #3

Pages: 481

5 out of 5 stars
5 stars – I loved it!

This book gave me all the feels. I laughed, I cried, and I was so happy. 

Dagmar Reinholdt, the Beast of the Northlands sends a letter to Annwyl saying she has information about someone wanting to kill her unborn children. Annwyl sends Gwenvael the Handsome to investigate. Unfortunately the meeting doesn’t go well and he has to find a new way to get the information from Dagmar. 

I loved Dagmar. She is smart, sassy, and takes no shit. She knows how to manipulate people to get the best outcome and is a great politician. She was a perfect addition to Annwyl’s court. Gwenvael is the lovable whore who is actually quite perfect for Dagmar. He flirts with everyone but he actually cares. Together these two are the real rulers of the throne. They gather the information and use it to suit the crown and themselves. Also, I was not expecting voyeurism but it really worked for these two. 

I love these books because while the main focus is Dagmar and Gwenvael the overarching story is not forgotten. We get huge sections of Annwyl and her court, especially with her pregnancy and birth in this one, which ended up being an emotional rollercoaster ride. I really love how Aiken builds on the world and characters with each book. It makes her books addicting and I don’t want to put them down. 

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