Review: The Hacker by Anna Hackett

Cover for The Hacker by Anna Hackett

Title: The Hacker

Author: Anna Hackett

Series: Norcross Security #5

Pages: 252

3 stars out of 5
3 stars – I liked it

Maggie Lopez thought the worst about finding out she was pregnant was figuring out how to work with a baby around her busy schedule. Instead, she has to deal with someone trying to kill her. 

Maggie and Ace have had tension between them since they were introduced in this series. This book starts with Maggie realizing she is pregnant and trying to wrap her head around it. The surprise pregnancy trope is not one I usually enjoy but I actually enjoyed this book. Probably because this book started out with it from the very beginning and it wasn’t really a surprise to the reader. 

Maggie was a great heroine. I enjoyed her spunk and determination to succeed. She was always cool under fire and wasn’t afraid to defend herself even though she was pregnant. I like that she didn’t just turn into a weak fool once she found out she was going to have a kid. Ace was a protective alpha male. I liked him and his family. These two made a good couple and I think they will be great parents. 

Overall, this was a good romantic suspense story for this series. I am still eagerly waiting for Vander’s story. Also I enjoyed the bonus epilogue where we get to see these two as parents. 

Trigger Warnings: Brief references to Ace’s brother’s drug overdose. Maggie’s father is constantly putting her and women in general down with constant old fashioned views and attitudes. 

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