2021 Reading and Blog Goals

1. Read 10 nonfiction

I know last year I read 46 nonfiction books but that was a first for me. In the previous years I struggled to read the 10 nonfiction goal I set for myself. I hope that I will read more than 10 nonfiction this year but I don’t want to pressure myself too much.

Here is my Goodreads nonfiction shelf.

2. Read 5 classics

This is my same goal every year and I usually can obtain it. This year I want to focus on classics that I haven’t read yet or barely remember.

Here is my Goodreads classics shelf.

3. Read 8 witchcraft books

Last year I read 8 witchcraft books. I really want to read more than that this year but we will see.

Here is my witchcraft shelf on Goodreads for anyone interested.

4. Read what I own and do less spending on spontaneous purchases

This is pretty straightforward. I did this last year and it actually went well. I still bought a lot of books but almost all of them were discounted ebooks. I bought quite a few physical books in 2020 but I also read almost all of them last year too. I have a few that I didn’t get to but they are on my list for this year.

5. Get Netgalley percentage to 90%

Currently, my Netgalley score is at 84% but that is where it has been for months now. I really want to hit 90% by the end of the year. I am slowly creeping towards 100%.

6. Build and promote blog

December was my 1 year blog anniversary so this is still all new to me. Ideally I would like to reach 500 followers this year and see more engagement on my posts but we will see.

7. Read 450 books

This has been my goal for the past two years and I am going to keep it. I don’t want to up the number because I know it will stress me out more.

8. Participate in reading challenges

I set this goal every year because I like reading challenges and I want to push myself to do any that catch my eye. I know for sure I will be participating in the following challenges:

I know I will most likely participate in other challenges but currently this is what I know I want to try.

9. Work on my Bookstagram account

So I have a Instagram account but I am terrible at consistently posting on it. I want to get better at posting more frequently, at least once a week. Also I want to get better at taking photographs for my Instagram. It is a lot harder to take photos of books than you think it would be. Hopefully it works out.

I also have Twitter but I don’t really love it. It gets toxic really easy so I don’t have any plans to work on my account. I still check it and post on it but I just don’t love it.

10. Create a reading bullet journal

I did this a few years ago and really enjoyed it. Last year I had a small section of my planner that I used for keeping up with my reading challenges and goals but I keep wanting to do more. So this year I am going back to a bullet journal just for reading and I hope I enjoy it.

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