ARC Review: Unforgiven by Rebecca Zanetti

Cover for Unforgiven by Rebecca Zanetti

Title: Unforgiven

Author: Rebecca Zanetti

Series: Deep Ops #5

Pages: 344

Release Date: June 7, 2022

4 stars out of five
4 stars – It was really good

For three years, Gemma Falls has been on the run from her abusive ex. While teaching at D.C. University, she finds herself unexpectedly attracted to a fellow professor, Jethro Hanson. Jethro is more than he seems though and both of their past finally catch up to them. 

I am so happy that Zanetti decided to write more Deep Ops books because I really love this group. Jethro was introduced in the previous books while helping Angus capture a serial killer. He is smart but also very deadly. We finally get to learn about his past as a M16 agent and his tragic family lie. I really liked Jethro. He was protective, smart, and extremely compassionate and kind. I adored how he instantly fell in love with Trudy, even when he didn’t know what to do with a child. 

Gemma is a very strong woman. She went through a horrible situation with her ex and has spent the past three years on the run. She is battered and bruised emotionally but is always determined to keep her daughter safe. I loved how strong this woman was, especially in trusting Jethro and the Deep Ops game with her and her daughter’s life. 

This was a very good blend of suspense, romance, and action. I really loved seeing the Deeps Ops family take care of their own and embrace new members. Wolfe is still my favorite and I loved how he instantly adopts everyone he likes into his family. We also meet some of Jethro’s M16 friends, Owen and Ian, who were great side characters and great friends. I do hope we see more of them in the future because I want to know more about them now. 

Overall, this was a wonderful addition to this series. I loved Jethro and Gemma’s story. They really found the perfect family in the Deep Ops group. Also I really hope we get at least one more book because I want to see Wolfe as a father! 

Trigger warnings: Both had abusive mothers. Gemma’s mother is also an alcoholic. Domestic violence, death, violence, poisoning.

*ARC provided by Netgalley for an honest review.*

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