ARC Review: Driven by Rebecca Zanetti

Driven by Rebecca Zanetti

Title:  Driven

Author: Rebecca Zanetti

Series: Deep Ops #4

Pages: 400

4.5 stars out of 5
4.5 stars

Angus Force is determined to hunt down the serial killer he once thought he killed. But no one else believes Lassiter is alive, even after bodies start being found. It’s a race against time as Angus and Nari work together to find and stop Lassiter. 

We finally get Angus and Nari’s story! These two have been circling each other since book one but they are finally giving into their attraction. 

Angus has known for a while that Lassiter is still alive. He just has to convince everyone outside of his team that it’s true. When new bodies are found he expects HDD to finally see the connection, instead the HDD disbands his team because his deal with them was up. Force is a driven man who will stop at nothing to catch Lassiter. 

Nari Zhang actually enjoys the ragtag Deep Ops unit. They are like family, except for Angus. She has been fighting her attraction to him for a year but working closely with him to catch Lassiter changes everything. They finally stop fighting their attraction. Their relationship is very push/pull in the beginning because Angus keeps trying to push her away. 

Nari was probably my favorite female from this series. She was smart and could kick some major ass. Even battered and bruised she still puts up a fight.  I quite loved her. Also, her Mom and Dad were great side characters too. Angus has been a bossy, obsessive, and a drunk man through a lot of this series but in this one we finally see his true feelings. Angus was a lot sweeter than I expected and it just made me love his character even more. I loved these two’s relationship and can see them being a powerful team stopping bad guys in the future. 

This was a great romantic suspense and a great ending to the series (at least I believe this is the ending). The hunt for Lassiter was action packed, dangerous and emotional. I wasn’t expecting some of what happened at the ending and it made the story even better. Also, Roscoe is still my favorite crazy dog. 

*ARC provided by Netgalley for an honest review.*

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