Review: Olivier by Brenda Rothert

Cover for Olivier by Brenda Rothert

Title: Olivier

Author: Brenda Rothert

Series: Chicago Blaze #9

Pages: 262

3 stars out of 5
3 stars – I liked it

When Olivier Durand saves Daphne from a car accident, her whole life changes. She is determined to be single after her nasty breakup with her ex-fiancé but Olivier is determined to show Daphne that he is worth the chance. 

This was a quick sports romance. Olivier is the owner of Chicago Blaze and spends his life managing his various businesses and raising his 16 year old daughter. I liked Olivier in the previous books and like him even more now. He is a hard worker, a great father, and very generous with his money. My only complaint with him was that I felt in the beginning of his relationship with Daphne it was a little uncomfortable, for me at least, that he kept giving money to charities in order to convince her to see him. I did think he was a great dad though and wish my father had been that supportive when I was 16. 

Daphne is the daughter of a senator and has spent her life wanting to get away from the wealth and privilege that she grew up in. I had some issues with Daphne. I liked that she was determined to help as many people as she could and worked at a homeless shelter. Her reasoning for pushing Olivier away because of his money was a little childish, especially after she got to know him and learned he earned his money with hard work. She was just a very  judgmental woman towards anyone with money, but considering how her parents are it wasn’t extremely surprising that she had so many issues with billionaires. 

Their romance was slow and enjoyable outside of those few issues. I think they made a good couple and will do a lot of good for the people of Chicago. Overall, a good ending for this series and I look forward to reading the next hockey series from Rothert. 

Trigger Warnings: Daphne’s parents are very toxic. Car accident. Olivier’s daughter has depression. 

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