Review: The Rogue King by Abigail Owen

Title: The Rogue King

Author: Abigail Owen

Series: Inferno Rising #1

Pages: 400

3 stars out of 5
3 stars – I liked it

Kasia Amon has spent her life hiding from the supernatural world, especially the dragons. But when a rogue dragon named Brand helps her control her flames she finds herself in the middle of dragon politics. 

This was a very interesting world. I was fascinated by the dragon politics going on and how the phoenix’s would play a part in it. The world also is filled with other creatures like wolf shifters, vampires, and who knows what else. I am very interested in the character Hershel and what he can do. 

Kasia and Brand started off as enemies but they quickly became more. They wanted each other very much but Kasia was supposed to go to another dragon king. It was a very slow building and tense relationship of them fighting their feelings and trying to do what was expected of them. I didn’t really love that Kasia was trying to be with another man but I understand why it was happening. I just wanted her to get with Brand sooner because I am impatient. 

Overall, this was a very interesting world filled with dragons, phoenix’s, hellhounds, and who knows what else. I am very interested in reading the next one and getting to know one of Kasia’s sisters. 

*This book was provided by Entangled Publishing for an honest review.*

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