ARC Review: Lone Wolf by Diana Palmer, Kate Pearce, and Rebecca Zanetti

Cover for Lone Wolf by Diana Palmer, Kate Pearce, and Rebecca Zanetti

Title: Lone Wolf

Author:  Diana Palmer, Kate Pearce, Rebecca Zanetti

Pages: 416

3.5 stars out of 5
3.5 stars

**The overall rating is the average of the following ratings.**

Colorado Cowboy by Diana Palmer

3 stars out of 5
3 stars – I liked it

Fleeing from her mother’s killer, Esther Marist ends up in the middle of nowhere with a hot wildlife rehabilitator. As days pass in her new life, she falls more for her rescuer but she knows that the killer won’t give up. 

This was a sweet romance. Butch and Esther have a very sweet and slow building relationship. Butch is a veteran amputee who now dedicates his life to helping wounded wildlife get better. I loved that he was an alpha male who was also very sweet and compassionate. I did think it was odd that he wasn’t a part of the conversations with lawyers though because he was extremely devoted and protective of Esther, yet didn’t appear to want to be on top of the situation with her mother’s killer. Also, some of the conversations between these two felt a little repetitive. 

Esther was a very innocent woman who has spent her life hiding in her mothers shadow. She was a very sweet and caring woman. While she is from money, she isn’t a snob or anything like that. She was actually pretty determined to start a new life working and actually living. I didn’t like that she refused to tell Butch the whole truth about her mother’s situation. Her reasoning’s why were kind of stupid in my opinion. 

Overall, this was a sweet and hopeful romance. I enjoyed their relationship, even with the issues, and loved that they found their happy ending. 

The Wolf on Her Doorstep by Kate Pearce

3 stars out of 5
3 stars – I liked it

Trigger Warning: references to domestic violence, PTSD

When the grumpy summer tenants wolf shows up at the door, she knows that something must be wrong. Conner O’Neil doesn’t want any help even as he struggles with his injury. But Beth is stubborn and insists on helping him get better. 

This was an enjoyable grumpy/sunshine story. Beth was a strong woman who has raised two kids by herself. I loved that she adopted her son’s half brother so he wouldn’t have to be in the system. She was just a great mother who understood the need for therapy and space sometimes, even during times when she wanted to keep her sons close. 

I liked Conner. He was a grumpy man who hasn’t settled down since leaving the military. He was protective of Beth and great with her sons. I love a hero who has a sweet side under all the grumpiness. This was just a great story about finding love and a family. 

Rescue: Cowboy Style by Rebecca Zanetti

4 stars out of five
4 stars – It was really good

TW: torture (referenced),  PTSD, death of a spouse (referenced)

Trent Logan knows when someone is in trouble. So when a rain soaked woman comes into the Cattle Club to escape a Wyoming storm he knows she needs help and he has to find a way to keep her there. 

This was a very good story. Trent was an alpha male who expects his word to be obeyed. He is a former Navy SEAL who has lived through a lot of pain. He only survived with the help of his brothers and now all of them are building a safe haven in Wyoming.  I really loved Trent and his brothers. They were so supportive of each other and had each other’s backs. Also they were all protective alpha males, which I like.  

Hallie uncovered a dangerous secret and is on the run. She doesn’t expect to find help from a bunch of cowboys but reluctantly accepts it. Hallie and Trent have an instant attraction that quickly develops into more. She was a sweet and sassy woman who wasn’t afraid to stand up to Trent or his brothers. I liked Hallie and Trent and their quick relationship. 

I really hope Zanetti decides to write more books featuring the other brothers because I really want to see them all find love and happiness. 

*ARC provided by Netgalley for an honest review.*

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