Review: The Mermaid Catches Her Mate by Jax Cassidy

Title: The Mermaid Catches Her Mate

Author: Jax Cassidy

Series: Nocturne Falls Universe

Genre: Paranormal

Pages: 125

Read: February 26, 2021

3 stars - I liked it
3 stars – I liked it

Luna Matsya is a trendsetting hairstylist, but she prefers to spend her time in the beautiful lake on her property.  Her ability to walk among mortals is both a blessing and a curse, especially when a flashy tent for a touring magic show is set up near her lake.

This was a fun and quick story. Ace and Luna are both keeping their paranormal sides secret from each other for fear of what will happen. These two had an instant attraction that led to love, which was pretty enjoyable for how short this book was. I liked both of them a lot and can envision them having a HEA, which is good.

My only issue was that I wish there had been more explanation into both Ace and Luna’s races. We get a brief explanation of how mermaids can walk on land but I feel like it could have been more. Ace’s explanation felt vague and I wish more detail had been added about who/what he is. 

Overall, this was a fun and short novella set in Nocturne Falls. I really hope we get a story featuring Keke and Kearney because they were both very interesting, and supportive, side characters.

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