Review: The Alien Who Fell to Earth by Fiona Roarke

Cover for The Alien Who Fell to Earth by Fiona Roarke

Title: The Alien Who Fell to Earth

Author: Fiona Roarke

Series: Alienn, Arkansas #2.25; Nocturne Falls Universe

Pages: 141

4 stars out of five
4 stars – It was really good

Victoria Greene was sent to Nocturne Falls to help retrieve the members of the crashed spaceship. When she finds the pilot, Holden Grigori, in the hospital with a concussion and no memory, she pretends to be his wife to stay close to him. But what is going to happen once he regains his memory.

This book was short but very good. I quite enjoyed Victoria and Holden’s story. Victoria was an enjoyable and tough heroine. She was just doing her duty at first but she quickly becomes attached to Holden. Holden was a sweet man without his memory. Regaining his memory made him appear more protective and dangerous, but still sweet to Victoria. 

This book also featured a second romance. Bubba Thorne falls for his target who is also hiding in Nocturne Falls. Their story and relationship is on the side but it seemed so sweet. I kind of wished they had their own book because I would have liked to have seen him woo Astrid. This was just a great SciFi novella set in Nocturne Falls. 

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