Review: Stocking Stuffers by Erin McLellan

Cover for Stocking Stuffers by Erin McLellan

Title: Stocking Stuffers

Author: Erin McLellan

Series: So Over the Holidays #1

Pages: 152

3 stars out of 5
3 stars – I liked it

Sasha Holiday is a grinch. She hates Christmas after being left at the later on Christmas Eve. As the marketing maven for Lady Robin’s Intimate Implements she is stuck doing a sales pitch to a book club’s Christmas party. Unfortunately a snowstorm traps her with the book club, including the hot Perry Winters. 

This was a fun holiday romance about two people who have not had great experiences with relationships. Sasha was left at the altar by her ex and is now gun shy of anything involving relationships, and now hates Christmas. Perry recently went through a bad breakup and is dealing with other huge life changes. Together these two have a steamy two day fling while snowed in but their emotions won’t stay away. 

Perry was adorable. I loved how much of a romantic he was and how determined he was to win Sasha over. Also a guy who reads romance books? Yes please! His inexperience with toys and willingness to play was adorable and sweet. Also I just loved that Perry is a tattooed romantic who just wants to plant flowers and do holiday crafts. 

Overall, this was a sweet and steamy holiday romance. I will definitely be reading more of McLellan’s books now.

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