Review: Testing Truth by Cynthia Sax

Cover for Testing Truth by Cynthia Sax

Title: Testing Truth

Author: Cynthia Sax

Series: Cyborg Space Exploration #6

Pages: 23

3.5 stars out of 5
3.5 stars

Truth lives each day like it may be his last. When a princess comes into the Rebel structure seeking a mercenary, he jumps at the chance to assist her. Princess Nanette is everything Truth needs in a mate, but their love is doomed from the start.

I really enjoyed this one, which is good since I didn’t like the last one at all. Truth has been the fun and mischievous cyborg from the beginning of the series. He needed a mate who would challenge him and Nancy does that. She is a princess who has never been able to be her true self. But on their rescue mission she learns to be herself and falls more in love with Truth. Truth and Nancy were just an adorable couple whose relationship was doomed from the beginning (but you know it works out in the end). 

I loved the theme of adopted family in this book. Nancy’s attendants are her true mother and fathers. Without the constant observations of her people, Nancy can finally show them how much they mean to her and they can reciprocate. This book was just very emotional and heartfelt. 

Like I said, I really enjoyed this book. Truth and Nancy were a great couple and they had a great family. I hope they show up in future books. 

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