Review: Evernight by Donna Grant

Cover for Evernight by Donna Grant

Title: Evernight

Author: Donna Grant

Series: The Kindred #4

Pages: 292

4 stars out of five
4 stars – It was really good

Synne is determined to ride the world of the Coven, especially since they took away everything she holds dear. While making her way to the Varroki she crosses paths with a sexy Scotsman who decides to help in the fight against the Coven. He also helps her work through her grief. 

This book had another good couple, another First Witch bone, and another battle against Coven witches. This was another instalove relationship but I still enjoyed it. Lachlan was a great hero who was protective of Synne and his clan. I really enjoyed how Synne changed his view on what women can and can’t do. I love when a hero realizes that some views against women are wrong and wants to change them. Lachlan was just a great hero who you knew would risk everything for love.

Synne is struggling to deal with the grief from the death of her adopted family. She has turned it into anger and is set on revenge. Lachlan helps her realize that won’t bring them back and helps her work through some of her grief. While Synne is a hunter, she hasn’t had as much experience as the previous heroines. She has stayed closer to the abby and used her ability to communicate with the trees to protect it. She was a more insecure heroine as well. For the first part of this book she doubts herself, and her abilities, a lot. This got a little old after a while but is understandable since her whole world changed quickly, I just wish it hadn’t felt so repetitive. 

Overall, another great addition to the series. I can’t wait to see what will happen next now that four of the First Witches bones have been found.

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