Review: The Witch’s Halloween Hero by Kristen Painter

Cover for The Witch's Halloween Hero by Kristen Painter

Title: The Witch’s Halloween Hero

Author: Kristen Painter

Series: Nocturne Falls #4

Pages: 45

4 stars out of five
4 stars – It was really good

When Bartholomew Stanhill arrives to pick up his love, Corette Williams, for the annual Black & Orange ball he finds that a spell went wrong and she has no memory of him. Now he has until midnight to fix it before it is permanent. 

We finally have a Stanhill and Corette story! These two lovebirds have been main side characters since the first book and I have been eagerly awaiting a story with them. Corvette and Stanhill were racing against the clock to break the spell and with each passing hour it seemed helpless. It was an emotional and tense story that ends in happiness. I couldn’t get enough of these two! 

I really wish this story had been longer but maybe we will get lucky and there will be more Stanhill and Corette stories in the future. Overall, this was a wonderful Halloween novella and a great side story for the series.

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