Review: Small Magics by Ilona Andrews

Cover for Small Magics by Ilona Andrews

Title:  Small Magics

Author: Ilona Andrews

Series: Kate Daniels #0.5, 5.3, 5.6, 7.1

Pages: 333

3.5 stars out of 5
3.5 stars

*Overall rating is the average of the following ratings.*

Magic Tests: 4 stars

We finally get a story from Julie’s POV! Julie’s magic is put to the test when she is tasked with finding a missing student from her new school. I enjoyed this quick story and hope we see more of Julie’s new friends in the future. 

A Questionable Client: 4 stars

The bodyguard job that introduced Kate to Saiman. I quite enjoyed this introduction story and the fight scenes.

Retribution Clause:  3 stars 

This is a scene featuring Adam, Saiman’s cousin, and his partner Siroun being tasked with killing a lawyer. I am really interested in learning more about Adam and Siroun. They were both very interesting and unique characters. I hate that this ended abruptly though because I really want to know what happens after they killed their mark. 

Of Swine and Roses: 3 stars

A short story about Alena Koronov is forced to go on a date with a childhood acquaintance that she hates. The date goes terribly wrong and she ends up rescuing a pig that her date is trying to kill. 

This was a very interesting story. Alena has very interesting magic and I wonder if it will play into future books. Duncan was also a fascinating character because he appears to have a lot of magic and is from an influential family. I do wonder if these two will appear later on. 

Grace of Small Magics: 4 stars

This is a very interesting story about a revenant named Nassar and a magic user named Grace. Grace is bound to Nassar by the actions of her ancestors. He requires her to fight with him in a clan arbitration. Along the way they realize they both are attracted to each other. 

I am pretty sure this is pre-shift because they fly on airplanes. I found Nassar and his clan to be fascinating. Grace was a strong woman who was adaptable. I really liked both of them and love that they end up together. 

Curran’s POV:  4 stars

This collection features nine short scenes told from Curran’s POV. The scenes take place between Magic Bites (book 1) and Magic Breaks (book 7).

I really enjoyed this collection. It was fascinating getting Curran’s side of the story for some of the major scenes in these first four books. There are also some new scenes that fill in some gaps about what happened to him before the dinner date in the beginning of Magic Bleeds.

Overall this was a great collection and I really wish there was more to it. I really enjoyed his POV and hope that we get more in the future, or it is incorporated into the books.

Jim’s POV: 3 stars

A short scene right after Magic Breaks where Jim finds out he is now in charge. It will be interesting to see how the Pack will change in future books. 

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