Review: One True Pairing by Cathy Yardley

One True Pairing by Cathy Yardley

Title:  One True Pairing

Author: Cathy Yardley

Series: Fandom Hearts #2

Pages: 221

4 stars out of five
4 stars – It was really good

Hailey Frost gets a surprise when she ends up rescuing Mystics actor Jake Reese from a mob of crazy fans. The more she helps him the more she likes him. When he needs a fake girlfriend to present a better image to the show’s producers, Hailey steps in. What she doesn’t expect is to fall in love with him.

I love a good fake relationship romance! Jake and Hailey had chemistry from the start and the buildup of their relationship was just perfect. Jake was such a sweet man. I rarely like romances involving actors but Jake was perfect. He was nerdy, passionate about Mystics,, and isn’t a glory hound. He doesn’t love the limelight but he does like acting. He was just a great hero, even when he messed up. 

Hailey was an interesting heroine. She was tough, beautiful, and had a rough childhood. I found her backstory to be interesting, especially the grifter part. I do think she was quick to jump to the worse when it came to their relationship though. I did love how connected she was to her family and how determined she was to help them. 

I am loving this series and can’t wait to see the next woman find her HEA.

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