Review: Roth by Anna Hackett

Roth by Anna Hackett

Title: Roth  

Author: Anna Hackett

Series: Hell Squad #5

Pages: 239

4 stars out of five
4 stars – It was really good

Roth Masters is driven by the losses of his past. He is the leader of Squad Nine and fights for humanity’s survival. Roth knows that a woman who was recently rescued might know more about the aliens than she has told. Former Coalition Central Intelligence Agent Avery Stillman is struggling to adjust to her new life. She has vague recollections of negotiating with the aliens but the gaps in her memory prevent her from knowing the whole truth. 

There was so much new information in this book. We learn about the beginning of the alien invasion, some new survivors, and see new aliens. This book also features a different team, Squad Nine. It was nice getting to learn about another team and to see the different personalities in it, especially since this one is majority women. 

“You’ve crawled under my skin. I think of you every damn minute of the day.”

Roth is a protective alpha male. He is a great leader who is dedicated to his team and the base. I loved watching him interact with his team because they are like one big family with him being a big brother almost. Avery is a strong kickass woman who is just trying to reclaim her past. Avery and Roth butt heads from the very beginning but that changes quickly once they start spending more time together. The anger quickly turns to lust and they both fall for each other. I really enjoyed these two because not only are they a kickass couple they also respect each other. 

I cannot wait to learn more about Squad Nine and see the ladies fall in love.

Trigger warnings: death of family members in terrorists attack discussed; PTSD; survivors guilt;

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