Review: Noah by Anna Hackett

Noah by Anna Hackett

Title:  Noah

Author: Anna Hackett

Series: Hell Squad #6

Pages: 225

4 stars out of five
4 stars – It was really good

Tech genius Noah Kim works nonstop to keep the Blue Mountain Base operational. He is also working on the secret evacuation plan that he hopes won’t be necessary. He is tired, stressed, and irritated and having Captain Laura Bladon constantly on his case makes everything worse. 

Noah and Laura have been butting heads since they were introduced. It was nice to get a story featuring a couple that wasn’t a part of the team. Laura is a relatively new character so we didn’t know much about her. We learn that she lost not only her family, but her Navy SEAL fiance as well during the invasion. She spends her days focusing on her job and nothing else, except when dealing with Noah. He makes her feel things again which scares her because she doesn’t want to lose anyone else. Noah refuses to let her run from her feelings though and eventually breaks her walls down. 

“We’ve all lost, Noah. But now, it’s about how we pick ourselves up and move forward. Wallowing in the past doesn’t help. The past will always be remembered, and the people we loved will always be special.” – Elle

Noah is a genus but also has a terrible temper and is very blunt. While he is pushing Laura to admit her feelings it makes him admit his own issues and fears from his past. Noah was surprisingly sweet once he stopped fighting with Laura and admitted his attraction. Their switch from hate to attraction was very abrupt though.  One of the things that I really loved about these two was their commitment to their jobs. They both have very intense and consuming jobs but they each accepted that and supported each other. 

“This was the man who’d brought her back to life, dug under her skin, and changed her completely.

The last 20% of this book was intense! The confrontation at the base has happened and they have to start over. I cannot wait to jump into the next one and see how the survivors deal with all of these changes. 

Trigger Warnings: death of fiancé discussed; death of family mentioned;

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