Review: Blood Truth by J.R. Ward

Blood Truth by JR Ward

Title:  Blood Truth

Author: J.R. Ward

Series: Black Dagger Legacy #4

4 stars out of five
4 stars – It was really good

As a trainee of the Black Dagger Brotherhood, Boone has found his true calling fighting and not being part of the glymera. After the death of his sire though he is taken off rotation and assigned to help Butch catch a serial killer who is targeting females of the species at a roleplaying club. The last thing he expects is to cross paths with a mysterious woman who he can’t stop wanting. 

“You bring me to my knees and lift me up at the same time. It’s the definition of magic.” – Boone

I quite enjoyed this book. Boone was part of the glymera but he acts nothing like them. He is protective, a good fighter, a good friend but, most importantly, he is kind. He learned to be a good person by living through the negativity of the gylmera and his father’s expectation. Helaine is hunting for her sister’s killer when she meets Boone. I liked these two and really enjoyed watching them fall in love. The romance, while good, doesn’t have the powerful emotional impact that previous BDB books have had, but I do still love it. 

Butch and Syn are the other two main focuses in this book. I love Butch so I was so excited to see him play a prominent role again. Butch is using his skills as a homicide detective to find the killer. Unfortunately, the case is eating away at him because it reminds him of his sister. I loved the scenes with Butch and Helaine connecting and helping each other through their trauma. 

Syn is part of the Bastards. In this book we are finally getting to learn about the Bastards individually and their issues. Syn clearly has some mental issues and appears to be suicidal. Basically this book is setting up his story and some of the things we might expect in it. 

Overall, this was another great addition to the series and I cannot wait for more. 

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