Review: Ice Planet Barbarian by Ruby Dixon

Ice Planet Barbarians By Ruby Dixon

Title:  Ice Planet Barbarians

Author: Ruby Dixon

Series: Ice Planet Barbarians #1

4 stars out of five
4 stars – It was really good

Georgie wakes up to find that she has been abducted by aliens, along with a dozen other women. Just when they try to escape the crash on an icy planet that they name Not-Hoth. Things are looking pretty bleak until Georgie finds Vektal, a blue horned alien who claims her as his mate.

I forgot how much I loved this world. It’s been years since I read this book (2016) but after seeing a couple of bloggers read them recently I decided a reread was in order. This first book is a whirlwind of survival, attraction, and matings. These women are totally reliant on the aliens who saved them.

 I really loved Georgie and Vektal. Vektal is a protective alpha male who is super sweet. Actually almost all of the males are super sweet. Georgie ends up being the leader of the humans, but she never pressured them to do anything they don’t want to. Her and Vektal will make a great couple to lead the tribe. 

“She is my heart, my resonance, my soul. My mate.” – Vektal

The book does end abruptly after they are all saved from the khui sickness but I felt it actually worked as a great stopping point for the book. Also it’s not a big deal though because the next 19 books of the series are already out. Overall, I loved everything about this couple, the aliens, and the world they inhabit. I cannot wait to continue this reread.

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