Review: Mr. Right Now by Annabeth Albert

Title: Mr. Right Now

Author: Annabeth Albert

Pages: 100

4 stars out of five
4 stars – It was really good

When Russ finds himself hosting a Thanksgiving dinner that was supposed to be prepared by his ex, he finds himself leaning on his gorgeous neighbor Estaban for cooking help. But an innocent mix-up leads to Estabn playing the role of Russ’s fake boyfriend and they keep finding reasons to extend the ruse. 

I am a sucker for the fake dating trope and like most books from Albert, I really loved this. Like all of Albert’s books, this one is character driven and filled with a lot of emotion. Russ is a veteran who is still struggling to transition back to civilian life.  Russ was a gentle giant and I adored him. He had no problem following Estaban’s lead and I loved watching him take care of things for Esteban. 

Esteban was a charming foodie who was very sweet. He brought Russ out his shell and helped transition to civilian life. I loved watching these two work together to cook and set up events. These two really balanced each other out and were so sweet together. This was just a wonderfully sweet holiday romance that I couldn’t put down. 

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