Review: Chef’s Kiss by Jarrett Melendez

Cover for Chef's Kiss by Jarrett Melendez

Title: Chef’s Kiss

Author: Jarrett Melendez

Illustrators: Danica Brine, Hank Jones, Hassan Otsmane-Elhaou

Pages: 153

4 stars out of five
4 stars – It was really good

English graduate Ben Cook has finished college and is now trying to find a job writing. The problem is he has no experience and can’t get hired. When he finds a help wanted sign outside a restaurant, he takes the chance and finds himself loving his time in the kitchen.

This was super cute! Ben is struggling with what he is going to do after college. He thinks he wants to do something with writing and reading but he isn’t having any luck getting a job. He is desperate and takes the first thing he can find, which happens to be a cooking job at a fancy restaurant. Each week he has training on a different dish and the owner’s pet pig, Wilson, gets to decide if he passes. 

Ben’s story was very relatable. I think everyone has been in his shoes at some point. After school it is always hard to figure out what to do with yourself now that your education is over. I really enjoyed his weekly challenges and watching him fall for Liam. Also, the whole concept of a pet pig being the judge of a successful dish was so fun and hilarious. I really loved Wilson and his antics. 

The romance is very light in this book. Ben has a crush the whole time but the story mainly focuses on him figuring out what he wants to do with his life, his cooking, and his friends. I really enjoyed the subtle romance because it made sense with how crazy Ben’s life was at this point. Also, I really loved Ben’s friends and that they all celebrated achievements together.

This was just a very cute graphic novel with a subtle romance, great friendships, and lots of great looking food. Also, now I really want some sweets after watching Ben make pastries.

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