ARC Review: Immortal’s Honor by Rebecca Zanetti

Cover for Immortal's Honor by Rebecca Zanetti

Title: Immortal’s Honor

Author: Rebecca Zanetti

Series: Dark Protectors #14

Pages: 328

Release Date: December 7, 2021

3 stars out of 5
3 stars – I liked it

Sam Kyllwood is the keeper for the ritual against the Kurijan leader Ulric. Unfortunately lately he has been having problems with controlling fire and things keep exploding. Nothing seems to be helping until he meets Honor McDovall, a therapist and interrogator for Homeland Security. 

Sam is the middle Kyllwood brother and has been the one everyone goes to for advice. He appears to be calm and controlled to everyone but that isn’t the case as we find out in this book. Sam was arrogant, charming, and protective of his family and Honor. While I liked him overall, there were times where his arrogance got a little annoying. 

Honor was a wonderful heroine. She may panic at being kidnapped but she also fights back. I loved that she was constantly surprising Sam with her responses. She wasn’t afraid to stand up to him and was constantly pushing him. I also loved that she truly cared about people and wanted to help them. I adored seeing her help the bears with their issues, especially the burly ones who had bottled up their feelings. It was a wonderful little side thing that really made her a great character. 

There was a lot of progress in the fight against the Kurjan’s bringing Ulric back. Honor and Sam really strike a major blow against them and it was fascinating. I really want to see more of Honor’s abilities now, especially in group settings like that. Garrett also plays a big role in this story. He is searching for his mate but the way he is going about it is terrible, in my opinion at least. I feel his mate, once he finds her, is potentially going to have a problem with it. Hope also has some key scenes in this book and it really just shows how young and naïve she still is. 

Overall, this was a great addition to this series. I am very interested in seeing how Garrett’s story plays out after his actions in this book.

*ARC provided by Netgalley for an honest review.*

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