Review: The Sandman Vol. 10: The Wake by Neil Gaiman

Cover for The Sandman vol 10 the wake by Neil Gaiman

Title: The Wake

Author: Neil Gaiman

Illustrator: Michael Zulli, Charles Vess, & Joe J. Muth

Series: The Sandman Vol. 10

Pages: 188

4 stars out of five
4 stars – It was really good

Morpheus made the ultimate decision between life and death in the following volume. Now his family, friends, rivals, and everyone else who knew him gather in the dreams to pay their respects and mourn his loss. 

This was a very somber volume. It is the conclusion to Morpheus’s story we see how the Endless deal with the death of one of their own and the continuation of a new embodiment. We also check in with William Shakespeare to see the final play Morpheus requested from him. I was surprised by the extra stories after the wake but they made sense after I read them. They were wrapping up Morpheus’s story. 

This was not what I expected in this volume but I still really enjoyed it. This whole story is about life and death and this volume really brings it all together with its conclusion. I really enjoyed this fascinating world and the beings in it. While I am sad to see the end of this tale, it was a good ending for Morpheus. 

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