Review: Love and Other Wild Things by Molly Harper

Love and Other Wild Things by Molly Harper

Title: Love and Other Wild Things

Author: Molly Harper

Series: Mystic Bayou #2

4 stars out of five
4 stars – It was really good

Mystic Bayou is a tiny town hidden in the swamps filled with shifters, witches, and all other kinds of supernatural creatures. The rift that keeps the town was built around is becoming unstable and threatening the town. Energy witch Danica Teel has been sent to Mystic Bayou to try and fix the rift. What she doesn’t expect is to fall for the bear shifter mayor, Zed.

Mystic Bayou is a unique and fascinating town and I would love to visit it. I love that with each book we learn about new types of creatures and abilities. It’s always fascinating. Danica is an energy witch and can manipulate the energy around her. She has a fascinating ability and I really liked her. She was smart, sassy, and direct. I also loved her llama obsession. 

Zed is a protective, yet sweet, bear shifter. I really liked him.  What I really liked about this story was how even though he fell instantly for Danica he still had to work for it. His attempts at wooing her were cute and sometimes hilarious. Zed was one of my favorite characters in the first book and I am glad to see him find his HEA. 

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