October Wrap Up

Blog Stats: Posts: 54 Review:  36 Challenges: 0 Tags: 17 Bookish Posts: 0 Reading Stats: Books Read: 46 Re-reads: 7 DNF: 1 ARC’s: 8 Romanceopoly: 5 Tackle My TBR: 1 Popsugar: 1 Formats: eBooks: 34 Audiobooks: 0 Comic: 11 Paperback: 1 Hardback: 0 Ratings: As with most of my ratings this year, I seem to have a lot of 3 and 4 star reads. I no longer read … More October Wrap Up

September Wrap Up

Blog Stats Posts: 50 Review: 32 Challenges: 1 Tags: 15 Bookish Posts: 1 Reading Stats: Books Read: 36 Re-reads: 14 DNF: 1 ARC’s: 3 Romanceopoly: 3  Tackle My TBR:  3 Popsugar:  0 Formats: eBooks: 33 Audiobooks: 1 Webcomic: 0 Paperback: 2 Hardback: 0 Not a huge surprise since I mainly only read ebooks. Ratings: Lots of 4 star ratings this month but I also had quite a … More September Wrap Up

August Wrap Up

Blog Stats Posts: 49 Review: 29 Challenges: 2 Tags: 17 Bookish Posts: 1 Reading Stats Books Read: 36 Re-reads: 19 DNF: 0 ARC’s: 5 Kindle Unlimited: 2 Romanceopoly: 8 Tackle My TBR: 2 Popsugar: 1 This month was almost my worst reading month. February was my worse moth so far with 35 books. My reading took a hit this month because I started back to work … More August Wrap Up

July Wrap Up

I can’t believe its already August. I am so excited for cooler weather and Halloween. I don’t like summer so I have been miserable the past few weeks. Anyways here are my July reading and blog stats! Blog Stats Posts: 54 Review: 36 Challenges: 1 Tags: 16 Bookish Posts: 1 Reading Stats: Books Read:  61 Re-reads: 21 DNF: 2 ARC’s: 2 … More July Wrap Up

June Wrap Up

I can’t believe its already July. June went by quick for me which is good. I have been struggling with my depression and anxiety since I was furloughed. Good news is that the depression hasn’t affected my reading really, just the genres. I am reading a lot of books, not many new but still a … More June Wrap Up

May Wrap Up

Wow, I can’t believe May is already over. I read quite a few books this month but the majority were rereads. I have been struggling to read new books but have been ploughing through some of my favorite books. I am hoping that I can get out of this slump and get back to reading … More May Wrap Up

April Wrap Up

Blog Stats Posts: 54 Reviews: 37 Challenges: 2 Tags: 14 Bookish Posts: 1 Reading Stats Books Read: 41  Re-reads: 19 DNF: 3 ARC’s: 8 Kindle Unlimited: 1 Romanceopoly: 7 Tackle My TBR: 7 Popsugar: 2 O.W.Ls Magical Readathon: 12 This month was a lot of rereads and focusing on the O.W.L.s Magical Readathon prompts for … More April Wrap Up

March Wrap Up

Blog Stats: Posts: 54 Reviews: 38 Challenges: 3 Tags: 13 Reading Stats: Read: 39 books Re-reads: 8 ARC’s: 9 Kindle Unlimited: 5 Romanceopoly: 8 Tackle My TBR: 7 Popsugar: 6 Pages: 10,799 Listening time: 17 hours 5 minutes Formats: eBooks: 30 Audiobooks: 6 Webcomic: 1 Paperback: 1 Hardback: 1 Genres: It’s not a big surprise … More March Wrap Up

February Wrap Up

Hello everyone! I am a few days late writing this wrap up but that was because I spent the past week in Chicago for C2E2 (Chicago Comic and Entertainment Expo). I had so much fun but I am very exhausted from it. If you are interested in seeing pictures from the con check out my … More February Wrap Up

January Wrap Up

The first month of the year is done! I can’t believe we are already through a month of 2020. It has gone by so fast and been filled with a lot of great books.  This is my first monthly wrap up.  My plan is to have a monthly wrap up so I can see my … More January Wrap Up