Review: Lassiter by J. R. Ward

Title: Lassiter 

Author: J. R. Ward

Series: Black Dagger Brotherhood #21

Pages: 464

3 stars out of 5
3 stars – I liked it

Lassiter has been part of this series for a while now and I have loved him since he was introduced. I was extremely excited to finally read his book and see him fall in love, and while I did like this book I am left with a lot of questions. 

First off, Lassiter and Rahvyn’s relationship was good but a bit lackluster. There is attraction but it felt like a lot of the emotion was missing between them until the end of the book. I feel this is partially because they spend so much time apart at first. Also Rahvyn was raised as a sheltered vampire woman so I feel like at times she showed very little emotion. Like I said though, by the end of the book we see more emotion between these two and I really loved seeing their mating ceremony, especially the brothers supporting and being there for Lassiter. 

I still have so many questions about Rahvyn after this book. I was really expecting to learn more about her and why she is able to do what she does. I don’t know if this was actually covered in a different book and I have forgotten about it or it has just been glossed over, but how the heck can this woman bring people back from the dead, rescue the Book, and all the other weird shit she can do. I do like her though, especially since she has no problem fighting and killing if necessary. 

The Lesser’s are back again and I am going to be honest, I don’t really like it. I feel like Ward is just bringing them back so she doesn’t have to end the series but there is nothing wrong with ending a series when the enemies are dead. I do think Lash is a good villain and Omega but I could care less about Devina. I didn’t like Devina in the Fallen Angel series and I still don’t like her now. She is annoying and a very shallow character. 

We also see the return of Adrian and Eddie from the Fallen Angel series in this. I am going to be honest, these two felt like filler characters who didn’t really do anything. I liked these two in the Fallen Angel series but so far they haven’t been very interesting in this series. We will see how it goes in the next book I guess. 

We also see major events happening with Wrath in this. Honestly, I don’t understand why Ward decided to write the ending the way she did. I do hope we find out in the next book though. I am not happy with what happened to Wrath and Beth. I don’t think that much pain was necessary for a time skip. She could have done a time skip without all this pain and actually provided us with less heartache for once. Sometimes I feel like she sabotages relationships just to pull more emotion out of the readers but I would prefer more HEA and less conflict in this series. Also, WTH happened to Friz? He is not mentioned after the attack and I need to know if my favorite Doggen is ok. 

Overall, this was good but not what I was expecting. I will continue to read this series and see what happens to the Brotherhood and their children, but I do wish we were seeing a different ending for this book. 

Trigger Warnings: death; grief; on page sick animal; rape discussed; suicidal thoughts and self harm; war themes

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