Review: Warcry by Elizabeth Vaughan

Cover for Warcry by Elizabeth Vaughan

Title: Warcry

Author: Elizabeth Vaughan

Series: Chronicles of the Warlands #4

Pages: 307

3 stars out of 5
3 stars – I liked it

Keir and Xylara return to Xy to find that all is not as they left it. There are plots against Lara, culture clashes, and something happening on the Plains. While Lara and Keir deal with the kingdom and the upcoming birth of their child, Heath and Atira are working together to find who is causing problems and stop them from happening. 

Heath left Xy to follow Atira to the heart of the Plains because he was determined to fight for her. They may have shared tents during the journey but Atira later pushes him away. In this we see him fight for her and trying to show her how much she means to him. I liked that Heath never held back his feelings for Atira. I also liked that he understands what she is capable of and doesn’t get in her way when fighting. 

“You are the air I need to breathe, the very heart of me….I want more than sex, more than sharing. I want to create a life with you. Sharing our hearts, our laughter and sorrow, our plans.

Atira has feelings for Heath but spends almost all of this book denying them. She equates bonding with a prison and struggles with her feelings of wanting to stay with Heath. I could understand her struggle but also got frustrated by her continued refusal to admit her feelings.

Keir and Lara’s relationship continues to draw me in. We see these two united against their unknown enemy and showing both of their people what their future might be like, a blend of two worlds. I really loved seeing Keir as a father and hope we see more scenes of it in the future. 

Overall, this was a good continuation of this series. I like that we are getting to see some of the other characters find love. I do really want to know what is happening in the Plains now and hope Marcus gets his head out of his ass soon because I want to see him and Liam together. 

Trigger Warnings: death of a main side character; grief; pregnancy and birth; violence; assault and attempted rape

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