ARC Review: The Witch and His Doctor by Kiki Clark

Cover for The Witch and His Doctor by Kiki Clark

Title: The Witch and His Doctor

Author: Kiki Clark 

Series: Kincaid Pack #6

Pages: 354

4 stars out of five
4 stars – It was really good

 After the previous book left us with the cliffhanger of Rick being injured I have been eagerly waiting for this book and it was a great ending. This book picks up right where the previous one ended and we get to see what happens to Rick, and in turn, the Kincaid Pack. 

This book kept me hooked from the very beginning. While this does mainly focus on Carter and Damian, we also get a lot of Rick and Kai since Rick’s actions caused a lot of damage. I adored Carter and Damian so much! Carter may be a protective bear but I loved how sweet he was with Damian. The O’Hares may be coming to attack but Carter goes out of his way to woo Damian and take him on a date, which is adorable. I loved him so much. 

“I love you more than life itself, mate. I’d kill or die for you without thought or question. I may be the alpha, but you are my home. My everything. My reason for being.”

Damian’s story, once he can tell it, was heartbreaking. I liked how smart and inventive Damian was. He may have been bound to the O’Hares but he made contingencies to try and save himself and others. Damian was such a strong young man who really had his heart put through the wringer in this one but also found a lot of happiness at the same time. One good thing about Clark’s books is that while shit may be happening, I can at least count on a HEA and no main characters dying. 

The war against the O’Hares and the Council finally comes to head and while tense, I was glad it wasn’t drawn out. Also I appreciated that Damian and Rick dealing with their parents wasn’t drawn out either and while they were terrible people, it still affected them.  Overall, this was just a very fast paced battle that changed this whole world. I am very eager to see future series set in this world and hopefully at some point, learn more about the situation with Jess and Henry. 

Trigger Warnings: Parental death, grief, matricide, patricide, 

*ARC provided by the author in exchange for an honest review.*

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