Review: King of Wands by Amy Kuivalainen

Cover for King of Wands of Amy Kuivalainen

Title: King of Wands

Author: Amy Kuivalainen

Series: The Tarot Kings #2

Pages: 207

3 stars out of 5
3 stars – I liked it

When Ezra is kidnapped by a cabal of magicians who want her to create golem soldiers for the Varangians, Ezra finds herself going to the one person who can help her, Zahir, the djinn king of wands. She agrees to spend three nights with Zahir if he will help her stop the cabal, but she also finds herself giving up her heart along the way. 

While enjoyable overall, I struggled to stay invested in these two in the beginning. Once I got really into the story that changed and I enjoyed their adventure. Ezra was a strong woman with a fascinating ability. Her abilities to build golems and create sigils were unique and powerful, and can change the outcome of the war if used that way. I really wanted to see more of what she could do. 

Zahir is the Djinn King and has lived a very long time. He has been imprisoned himself in the past and understands Ezra’s plight. Zahir was incredibly charming but also very sweet. I loved seeing him take care of Ezra and trying to keep her safe. These two had an intense and steamy relationship that I enjoyed, but sadly, not as much as Stella and Dom. 

Trigger Warnings: recent death of a parent; kidnapping; enslavement; torture; 

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