Review: Backfire by E. M. Lindsey

Cover for Backfire by E. M. Lindsey

Title: Backfire

Author: E. M. Lindsey

Series: Broken Chains MC #2

Pages: 280

3 stars out of 5
3 stars – I liked it

This book starts during the events of the previous book, and then jumps almost a year into the future. While Smokey is at the conference for his brother Rory, he has a one night stand with Eliah Burns, one of Rory’s professors. A year later, Smokey rescues him from a murder done by a rival MC. 

Smokey and Eliah’s story was another slow building, emotional, and action packed one. While I did enjoy their story, I felt that their romance was a bit lacking. These two spend the majority of the book making no promises to each other and expecting to part after Eliah is safe. I think because of this, I wasn’t feeling the relationship as much until the end of the book when they actually start opening up to each other and discussing their feelings. 

My other complaint was that Smokey was extremely overprotective of his brother and takes things a little far at times. I didn’t love his first meeting with Eliah at the beginning of the book. It was intrusive and over the top. He also never apologizes for his actions, which isn’t cool. 

Overall, I enjoyed this book even with the few issues I had. A lot happens to the Broken Chains in this book and they are dealing with even more enemies now, but I am interested in seeing how they deal with them all in future books. 

Trigger Warnings: Eliah was hit by a car when he was a teenager; ableism; torture referenced; gun violence; PTSD; anxiety; panic attacks; violence; death of a sibling mentioned; house fire; 

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