Review: Tidal Wave by E. M. Lindsey

Cover for Tidal Wave by E. M. Lindsey

Title: Tidal Wave

Author: E. M. Lindsey

Series: Broken Chains MC #1

Pages: 290

4 stars out of five
4 stars – It was really good

Gunner has spent his life trying to protect himself and his little sister from being vulnerable again. He escaped his old club and found a new life with the Broken Chains MC. But when he is asked to protect his sister’s injured dance teacher, he finds himself unable to ignore his growing feelings and the danger that is coming. 

This was a slow building but very emotional story. Gunner grew up in a dangerous MC that loved to hurt those who were different and spent his life hiding his true nature. He is a very traumatized individual who struggles with PTSD, panic attacks, and nerve damage from his previous MC. Gunner was a man who was struggling but was determined to be a good parent to his five year old sister, and I think he succeeded. He was a great parent who put Maddie’s safety and happiness first always, even when it was breaking his heart. 

Logan was a deaf, black, bisexual man who was struggling with his intersectionality and loneliness of being away from family and old friends. Logan is both a ballet teacher and a chef at a ramen restaurant, which are two very different professions, but really suited him. I loved seeing him share his love of dance with the children and push to show other deaf kids that they can dance too. 

Logan and Gunner’s relationship was slow building, emotional, and dangerous. They both are dealing with their own traumas and fears, while also trying to survive a rival gang attacking them. While these two don’t actually spend a lot of time “together”, I still was very invested in their relationship and everything that was going on around it. 

Overall, this was a great introduction to the Broken Chains MC and the broken men who are a part of it. Gunner and Logan were great characters who found happiness with each other in a sea of danger. E.M. Lindsey seems to do a great job at writing very emotional stories with diverse characters and great plots. I can’t wait to read the next book to see the other guys find love. 

Trigger Warnings: PTSD; panic attacks; abusive and alcoholic parent referenced; homophobia; ableism; knife and gun violence; abuse and injuries; reference to trafficking of a child; scooter accident (hit and run but no serious injuries); harassment; kidnapping; 

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