Review: The Ippos King by Grace Draven

Title: The Ippos King

Author: Grace Draven

Series: Wraith Kings #3

Pages: 421

3 stars out of 5
3 stars – I liked it

We finally have Serovek and Anhuset’s book. Serrovek has been flirting with Anhuset throughout this series so it’s about time we see these two actually admit feelings. While I did enjoy this book, it was not how I was expecting Serovek and Anhuset’s story to go. 

To start with, this is a slower paced and longer book compared to the previous ones. This is 420 pages and over half of it is them traveling to deliver Megiddo to the Jeden Order. Yes, things happen towards the end of that journey that speed up the pace but it still felt like a long journey. It got a bit boring with how long the journey felt but once that was past the pace picked up a lot. 

Anhuset and Serovek’s relationship was slow building. Anhuset finds humans ugly and off putting, like most Kai do. Her feelings for Serovek grow as she learns more about him and his character during their journey to the Jeden Order. I liked that she didn’t fall for him right away and that we see a slow progression of her feelings because she is not a woman of emotion, so the slower pace made sense. Serrovek sums her up perfectly in the book actually. 

“Quick to bristle and just as quick to pardon, she was a creature of dichotomies in character and appearance: dark and light, harsh and merciful, dour and humorous, secretive and forthright.”

Serovek has been a larger than life man up to this point. He is fearless, courageous, and a good friend, but we also get to learn about his past and why he rules his fortress alone. I really like Serovek. He was sweet and brought out the laughter in Anhuset.  I loved how he completely understands Anhusets character and never asks her to change. I was not expecting some of the things that happened in their relationship but it worked out for them in the end. 

We also learn during their journey that the threat of the gallu may not be over and Megiddo seems to be able to contact the other Wraith Kings during their sleep. We don’t get a lot of information about this during this book, but hopefully we will get some answers in the next book. Overall, while this was not the story I was expecting, I did enjoy it. I look forward to seeing Serovek and Anhuset’s future in the next book. 

Trigger Warnings: PTSD; death of wife and child referenced; torture; nightmares; 

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