Review: The Hunter and His Mates by Kiki Clark

Cover for The Hunter and His Mates by Kiki Clark

Title: The Hunter and His Mates

Author: Kiki Clark

Series: Kincaid Pack #4

Pages: 342

4 stars out of five
4 stars – It was really good

This continues the story of the Kincaid Pack’s battle against the Council and features a poly couple with Hunter Gabriel, cougar shifter Drake, and Hawk shifter Jamie. 

The first part of this book mostly focuses on Gabriel and Jamie’s developing relationship. I really enjoyed seeing these two get to know each other, especially since Gabriel set boundaries up and wouldn’t go too far until they had clarification on Drake’s part in the relationship. I really loved Gabriel and how he respected Jamie’s feelings and didn’t push for more until everyone was ready.

For the first part of this book, Drake is antagonistic towards Gabriel because he is a Hunter and doesn’t trust him, even if he is attracted to him. I feel like the transition in Drake’s feelings from distrust to like was a bit abrupt. Because they didn’t spend much time together his change in feelings was a bit abrupt. Also, I kind of wanted to see Gabriel try to woo Drake more like he did Jamie. 

Once these three were together though they were so sweet and steamy. I loved how much they took care of each other and really helped each other work through their fears. Gabriel was especially sweet and I loved how he had nicknames for both of them. Clark does a great job with creating these beautiful and intimate moments with her characters and I love it every time. 

Overall, this was another wonderful couple and a great addition to the series. I am enjoying the progression of the Council storyline and can’t wait to see how the Kincaid Pack handles this threat.  

Trigger Warnings: Drake is dealing with PTSD and chronic pain after an explosion led to his arm being amputated. Gun violence and injuries; explosions;

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